Friday, July 20, 2012

Zwinger in Dresden

The large court yard of Zwinger in Dresden was presenting itself very photogenic in the sunset this week when we got to Dresden for a quick visit.

I took the raw material for an HDR on tripod and all that when I was there. Then I thought about going a different way about producing this HDR. Usually I use Dynamic Photo HDR for blending and tonemapping or for fusion technique when I create my HDRs.

This time I exported the photos (Canon RAW) from Lightroom 3 without any adjustments into Photoshop CS 5 and composed them into an HDR. Without any adjustments I saved that HDR as a Tiff file. Then I went back to Lightroom - that had already received the HDR. This photo - of course - looked all dim and pale, since it was lacking any processing that an HDR needs.

I did most the developing in Lightroom and then took the finished picture back into Photoshop to run a Topaz Detail Filter over the photo and blend it on low opacity.

What for?

Here is the row of exposures:

Here is the photo as it came out of Photoshop after the blending and with the entire dynamic range but without any tonemapping and adjusting:

And this is, why I did all of the above:

To give credit here as it is just and fair: I got the idea and technique for this workflow from this blogpost by kwerfeldein:

Though the author there works with LR 4, it works with my version just perfectly (maybe way more is possible in LR 4, who knows?).

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