Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Cyborg's stroll

Hamburg, Harbour, Mai 2012

The funkiest sun glasses I ever saw - I guess, this is a safe bet! He seemed to have fun to show them off. This is street photography of 2012, I guess.

Horizon Field Hamburg

I was in Hamburg over the long weekend. We happend to go to Deichtorhallen to see Antony Gormley's 

and thankfully photography was permitted. So I can share my impressions with you. Here is some beginning to that.

The Horizon Field is a shiny thick layer of laminated foil, jet black, that spans the roof section of the otherwise empty hall. The Field is suspended by steel cables from the ceiling only. Therefore it swings with peoples motion ontop of it. And it reflects. Of course for photos the reflection was more stunning and I took pictures of a lot of strangers ontop of it as well as of family.

The photos really benefit from the strange and reduced piece of installation. I really recommend the location to photographers who can make it to Hamburg this year before September (see link for details.)

We felt resemblance of features of Hamburg in this installation: It sways like boats and ships do. It reflects like water surfaces. It engulfs the harbour and trade since it is in a former market hall. It opens up the view through the front windows to give you an impression of Hamburg to both sides. 

More photos will follow. Here I show two very different ones for starting out.

Ich war über das lange Wochenende in Hamburg. Dort waren wir auch in den Deichtorhallen um Antony Gormleys 

zu sehen und Fotografieren war erlaubt, also kann ich Euch Bilder von dort zeigen. Hier ist mal ein Anfang.

Das Horizon Field ist eine glänzende, dicke Schicht aus laminierten Folien, die auf einem Gestell in der Dachregion der Deichtorhallen schwebt. Diese Konstruktion hängt an Stahlkabeln von der Decke der Halle. Daher schwingt die Plattform mit den Bewegungen der Besucher auf der Fläche. Und die Fläche reflektiert. Natürlich sind die Fotos der Reflektionen interessanter, also habe ich viele fremde Leute und Familie fotografiert.

Die Fotos profitieren wirklich sehr von der ungewöhnlichen und reduzierten Gestaltung der Installation. Ich kann diese Location allen Fotografen nur empfehlen, die es vor September nach Hamburg schaffen (Details im Link)

Wir haben viele Gemeinsamkeiten zwischen Hamburg und der Installation entdeckt: Die Platte schwankt wie ein Boot oder Schiff. Sie reflektiert wie eine Wasseroberfläche. Sie bezieht den Hafen und den Handel mit ein, weil sie in einer ehemaligen Markthalle untergebrach ist. Die Aussicht durch beide Giebelfenster auf die Stadt ist eine weitere Verbindung.

Mehr Bilder folgen - hier sind es erst einmal zwei sehr unterschiedliche für den Anfang.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Streets of Lisbon

The street photo of Lisbon I showed you a few days ago is part of a series. Here is the whole sequence.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

keeping the hands busy

For the contest Canon vs. Nikon on psd-tutorials, that I regualry take part in (Canon-Team, don't ever ask again!) I took this photo lately.

My topic was craft / trade. I did hand in a photo with the topic of "trade" but the crafts motives were nice, as well.

I LOVE doors

I already said that I love doors. Sometimes
This door expresses love in its own way.

I came across it in Évora, Portugal in April 2012. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012


I take people shots, too. I just rarely show them here. Here is one - for a rare occasion. Some post production is involved in this work, I do not want to keep that secret.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Brooklyn Walk

Walking through Brooklyn we met some interesting people and I kept record.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Monsters in Town

This guy was priceless! A little worn down by time, but happy none the less.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cherry Tree

We have this awesome cherry tree in our garden. This is what is was showing in April this year.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Brooklyn Views

Several impressions from Brooklyn, December 2011.

We found Brooklyn to be a very lively and entertaining part of New York City. It was well suited for photography and we truly regretted that we could not spend more time.

Brooklyn Bridge


from the bridge


stacked buildings and city scapes in Brooklyn

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Garden in May

Some little pictures from our garden this weekend. Things are growing and sticking the first leaves out of the ground, growing fruit and so forth. Worth some photos and worth a post out of the regular line.

Ein paar kleine Bilder aus unserem Garten von diesem Wochenende. Alles wächst, steckt die Blätter aus dem Boden, läßt Früchte wachsen und so weiter. Das war mir eine Reihe Fotos wert und ein Posting außer der Reihe.

Lilien / lillies

Lilien / lillies

rote Zwiebeln / red onions

der Gartenexperte / the garden expert

Sprossen / sprouts

Stachelbeere / gooseberry


In Oceanário, Lisbon, the big tank is just incredible. Here is a photo of lots of different inhabitants dashing by us infront one of the screen windows.

They also have a sun fish - one of the weirdest fish I know. Take a look:

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blue Jelly Fish

As I posted a while ago: Jelly fish are extremely hard to keep in aquariums as they tend to get squished into the corners of tanks. But more and more aquariums keep them.

These here I found in the Oceanário in Lisbon, Portugal. That is Europe's biggest aquarium and surely worth a visit.

Wie ich bereits in der Vergangenheit einmal gepostet hatte: Quallen lassen sich in Aquarien schwer halten, weil sie immer in die Ecken gedrückt werden. Aber mehr und mehr Aquarien halten Quallen.

Diese hier habe ich im Oceanário in Lissabon, Portugal gefunden. Das ist das größte Aquarium Europas und sicher einen Besuch wert.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

The backstreets of Lisbon

This HDR is a small road underneath the castle of Lisbon. We walked up the hill from the river and got lost in the little roads, walkways and staircases on purpose for a while.

These HDRs are made of 3 exposures each, handheld and joined in Dynamic Photo HDR.

Spiraling Down

Spiral stairs in the castel in Tomar. Handheld HDR, 3 exposures, merged in Dynamic Photo HDR.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Óbidos in HDR

These two HDRs show Obidos, Portugal. They both constist of 3 exposures and are blended in Dynamic Photo HDR.

Obidos is a really well kept historical town with a surrounding city wall and a castle at the end of that wallring. It was fun walking around the tiny roads and little backstreets in daytime and also at night.

The dinner we had in a very well run small restaurant in the middle of town was a real winner, too. Octopus that melted in our mouth and steak that fell appart to the touch. Good wine, good port wine and a little glass of Ginja do Obidos - sherry liqueur that is very red and very sweet. We preferred the "Oppidum" brand.