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Some topics show up in this blog more often than others. Therefore the tags along the sidebar will help you find the entries of simmilar content.

In this entry, I want to summarize some main topics to help you find things quicker and easier.

Triple Chance gratis

On several trips to Iceland I have collected a big amount of photos. I guess, it would bore people quickly, if I only posted about Iceland for a longer while. That is why I feed the photos in by and by.

You can find the whole collection under this tag: Iceland


On multiple trips to the US I took pictures of places, landscape, people and nature. Of course I took photos of cities, architecture and objects as well. All those photos are linked by the tag: USA

Street Photography

Street Photography is a completely different thing than other photography. You have no or little control of the surrounding and the facts happening. The photographer's job is, to find the right situation including the right people and the interesting action. 

Street Photography shows society or a part of it. It shows it through the eyes of that one photographer at one moment. And that really is a goal to work for.

Then there is also the question: Do you dare? Do you really take the photo at that moment. It is not a flower or a mountain you take the picture off, but people.

This blog shows some of my Street Photography.


I do take photos of people a lot. I really do. But here you will not find all that many of them. There is a good reason: I mostly take people photography with friends, work mates and babies of friends. Those photos I will not publish unless I would get a permit by the respective people. Since I do not usually even ask for those permissions, those photos you will not find here.

I do also take photos of people, though, that I can publish. Those photos I summarize under the tag people.


I like photos of animals. I prefer to show them in their natural surrounding but I do not hold it against myself to take photos in zoos and aquariums a lot.

My animal photos, of course, you find under the tag of animal. But also please pay attention to my tag fox. There you find arctic foxes from Iceland, all photos taken out in the wild and many more to come, since my archives are well stocked on them. From pups to seniors, from running to hiding. They all are cute.


I am no pro in the studio. I do give it a try every once in a while. I have taken a bunch of photos in my home studio so I have a tag "studio" in my blog these days. Here you find my studio work: studio





Time / Year

One important tag I set with almost every post is the year or years the photo(s) is/are from. By clicking on the respective tag (top of the list) you can see collections of photos I took within that year. Maybe you want to know where I went during that time? Or maybe you want to get an oppinion on what was my best year (yet)? Anyhow, just follow the tag and compare away.

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Please feel free to follow all the seperate tags along the sidebar. I try my best to sort photos in a way that makes it easier to find certain topics, locations and motives. It would go too far to list all my tags here for your choice since they are already shown on the margin. If there are categories you would like to find in the labels, please send me a message.

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