Monday, July 30, 2012

The Empire of Ice

The Vatnajökul region is dominating the south of Iceland. You read about the empire of Vatnajökull, the land of the glacier. You have seen glaciers before. You have been to Iceland before. You have even been to the edge of the Vatnajökull and its tongues. And you wonder how it can be described as the dominating factor of a region.

And then you get there. And you drive. And you drive. And you keep driving. And all those glacier tongues reach down to you. They flow. They snake, they reach. They crack and wind. They just make their way down to the lower part of the land, no matter what.

And then you find out, what it means to be in the empire of the glacier. What you can only imagine, though, no matter what, is the fact that this is only one glacier, really. All those tongues fall out of the same massive chunk of ice that is more eternal than any weather phenomenon.

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