Sunday, July 29, 2012

Polar Foxes in the Wild

One of the highlights of our Iceland trips were the encountes with wild polar foxes. We know where there is a place the foxes live undisturbed and are really curious about people. We also hope that for a very long time, maybe forever, they will be able to remain this way: Free and unbothered. To keep it this way, we will not tell you, where these photos are from, exactly. Polar foxes can be seen pretty much all over Iceland. Just keep your eyes open.

These photos here show a very old fox. He is small, because he has an injured, somewhat crippled leg for his entire life. But he is extremely happy in the presence of people and gets pretty close. These photos were taken on 430mm focal distance so I was at a distance that left him safe and unharmed. This attention was on us, though. And the jawns show the tension he has to reduce about this. But it was him who came to us and stayed.

His posture is very doglike and very much like a cat, at the same time. All together these wild roamers make you feel like you are dealing with a pet but at the same time.

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