Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Medows of intense green

In Hornvík the back of the bay is covered in lush greens and swampy water medows that are occupied by various waterbirds, such as swans and ducks but especially all kinds of sea gulls, skuas, arctic terns and such.

These meadows rise into steep and rough mountain edges that form the back rim of the bay. Waterfalls and rivers crash down these hills in all shapes.

Passing around or through this part of the valley is not easy for us, because you constantly would end up in swamps, have to cross rivers, climb rock sides, wade through water. But we really also do not have any business back there. We stayed on the kinds of pathes back there - which were hard enough - to not disturb wildlife.

Don't be mistaken: It may look like a field of grass, but it is more like one big pond.

Here is the path to the large waterfall on the right hand side of the bay. This one is relatively easy to get to.


  1. Oh my - those landscapes are so beautiful. Even if travelling is difficult, your work shows that it is so much worth it!

  2. thanks, we don't even think it is difficult - for us anyways. But it is not for everyone.