Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wide Angle Necessity

We were visiting the castle and abbeys of Tomar in April while we traveled through Portugal. This complex is amazing. You could spend a whole day there and still find new aspects and focusses. I am glad I got to see it and would really visit it again when in Portugal next. It is a recommendation we got from my parents and we gladly pass on.

Standing in an ante room to a chappel or church part, don't ask me what this tall dome is called. Trying to get the whole entry section in the picture I stepped into a doorway across from it, where stairs led down into yet another section of church like premisses. They are endless there.

When I came out, there was a lady with her camera, pressing into the wall about three feet away from that entry way, complaining in English to another lady, that there was just no chance to get a photo of the whole thing in once. I recommended the door way for a better aproach for her. Centered and a few steps further back. When she tried this, I thought of how sad I would be if I was there and could not capture what I wanted. I was about to tell her to just swap cameras with me for a moment and put her SD-Card in my camera (I would not have been mean and would have put the mode to JPG instead of RAW, don't worry). 

But then I noticed that she also had a Canon DSLR. She was using the Canon Kit Lens of 18-55mm and showed me her photo, that cut of a decent section of that motive. 

Here you go, I told here, I have that distance for you, that you need. Handing my Canon 10-22mm to her, she looked confused. Well, I helped her get the Kit Lens off - her only lense - and my lens on, helped her on the position for the shot. She was happy and handed the lens back, asking about the price and availabilty in Canada and planning on buying it soon. Then I got to giggle as she was flipping back and forward between the shots with her lens and mine.

I think she meant it, when saying I made her day. It made me happy, too.

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