Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Fisherman

This Icelandic fisherman is the museum warden in the fishing museum between Ísafjördur and Bolungarvík in the Icelandic Westfjords. He walks around the museum, wearing traditional the outfit and telling the stories of the fishermen of the Westfjords and the vilages around. I have only ever heard him speak Icelandic, but once our very kind taxi driver was being the interpreter for us and once a German group of adults was traveling around the area and happend to be at the museum at the same time. They had an Icelandic woman translate for them so we got to hear the strories. I loved his tales and facts of the old days - but was very embaraced of my fellow Germans. I pretended not to be on the same plantet with them.

If you care for the stories - of the guide and the Germans - I will tell them to you, but please be prepared that part of it is embaracing.

The fisherman, though, definitely is cool and a nice guy.

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