Thursday, December 8, 2011

on the beach of Vik

On the beach ov Vik in southern Iceland we walked down to the pebble beach that is bordered by cliffs. There is a sign on the entry to the beach, telling you to not walk close to the cliffs and not to get near the water. When you get there at high tide - as we did - there is hardly any room to walk then. The waves crash up pretty violently and change the hight they wash up all the time. So it really isn't your usual beach walk there.

Well, being safe on the beach is realative on a beach with high, partially lose cliffs above it. Rockfalls can be a serious hazard there all the time.

But while on the beach we got to watch people who were less smart about their choice of path. However they got themselves into that spot far off the path ... we just don't know. But we watched their painfully slow and harzardous way off that rock. In my pictures you can see how far up the rock is wet. We did see waves gush up that high there. They made their wy off and we relaxed. But really: Don't go there!

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