Friday, December 23, 2011

Black and White landscapes

This river gorge cought our eye from pretty far away on the road so we took the detour and went looking for it. This location is somewhere along the southern coast of Iceland not so far from Seljalandsfoss. An exact location or name I can not provide right now, though.

The photos looked better in black and white in my opinion - so here you go:

After taking pictures there for a while another couple with cameras showed up. We called over, wondering if we were in their photos. No reply. When hiking out from the edge of the river to the little road we met up. "How is the light?", he asked. We looked confused. "What settings on the camera?", he continued. Oh, a real photographer.
"Fine", we said. "Just the rain spoils the fun a little bit."

"Oh", he seemed to know it all: "You have to know: It rains in southern Iceland all summer long." He then said, he was in Iceland for the first time and had arrived the day before. Oh, and he had talked to someone in the airport about the weather. Well, chatting in Italian was getting tired. English more so. So that is what we left it at. Since I did quote pretty acurately what I heard: You be the judge! :o)

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