Saturday, December 3, 2011

HDR Spotting

Some of my HDR photos are shown on HDR spotting. I thought, I should give you a link to that site. You can find a lot of great HDR artists on that site and can get linked to their profiles, albums, pages or blogs. Take your time every once in a while to check the page. The updates are irregular and contributing is time limited so no one can spam the page. 

Uploads are graded into "Editor's pick" - that you find on the right hand side - the "Featured" section - that is the entry page to HDR spotting - and the "Latest" section - that you find on a further rider. The editors just take decissions on the grading. So be proud if you get an upgraded level with your contribution.

If you want to contribute for yourselves you need an invitation code to enter the page. Once you are in, you can contribute a picture a day - if you have that many. In case you are looking for a code, you can send me a message. I am willing to share codes if I have them. (I get them on an irregular basis, like everybody.)
The quickest way, though, usually is to join the HDR spotting facebook group, show your pictures and ask or look for a code.

These are all photos I have entered into HDR spotting.

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