Sunday, August 19, 2012

We are back

We came back from our vacation in Iceland this week. We got to enjoy the grand circle this time. Renting a Jeep we made a full circle from Reykjavík around Route 1 with lots of detours. We did skip the Westfjords, since we had been there so much in the last years. But we did include Snaefellsnes in the end, making the circle turn into a figure eight loop of sorts.

We really enjoyed the vacation and got to see a lot! And of course we took a lot of photos.

Next to landscape photography we put a stronger emphasis on animals and wild life this time. 

We got to see a great amount of birds - partially with their chicks! - wales, seals, but no reindeer. Even though we kept our eyes peeled until they hurt, reindeers never poked their antlers out at us. But then: you can't have it all and that is the beauty of wildlife!

We did also take photos of horses, sheep, dogs, even goats.

So be prepared for a long stream of photos showing Iceland at its best: Nature.

Of course landscapes will still play the biggest role in this blog.

I hope you swing by every once in a while since I will continue to post at least one new entry every day.

This time we did more video than before, too, and I am looking forward to combining everything into one big adventure so that you can get a closer look at Iceland as we see it.

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