Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A lot of views

I like to share my views of landscapes, cities and the world in general in my blog - at least in a photographic way.

In November the views of my blog peaked to a new high. While October was leading the statistics with 869 views now November reached a new value with 1237 views between the first of November and today.

I am really happy with almost 6.000 views total an 20 % of them in this month. Keep coming back! 

I will try to keep you entertained here as well as possible - new trips planed, scenes around the area, and in total all those photos I took in the past and recently here, elsewhere, everywhere. 

I am trying to post one new topic a day, sometimes more, sometimes I am not quite reaching that goal. But feel free to read, write, comment, and take part in this.

My topics span pretty wide in location, topic, style and technique but I hope that keeps it interesting for everybody.

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