Thursday, February 17, 2011

Photo Documentation: Maple Syrup - Part 1

In New Hampshire - as in other New England states - you find the home of maple syrup.

The trees are tapped before spring comes around.

When the sap starts moving up in the trees, the taps transport parts of it to the collection tanks. 

In former days - and in some places still - the sap is colleted in buckets that hang on the tree, right at the tap. But collecting these buckets is a lot of work.

collection buckets for sugar maple sap

From there it is brought into the sugar house. Sugar houses are easy to spot because of the big venting roof.

In the sugar house you find a big boiling pan in which the sap is cooked down until it goes from liquid and slightly sweet to creamy and sugary and can be filled into containers.

inside the sugar house

to be continued...

Fortsetzung folgt...


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