Saturday, February 5, 2011


We have taken several trips to Belgium. The country side and old cities offer worthy motives. No, we have not just been to cemetaries and grave yards, but the pictures I like a lot. Belgium makes me want to convert pictures to black & white a lot. Maybe that is because of the gray stone most buildings are made of and that makes the photos monochrome anyways.

Auf mehreren Reisen nach Belgien haben wir viele lohnende Motive gefunden. Nein, wir waren nicht nur auf Friedhöfen, aber ich mag diese Bilder. Belgien veranlasst mich schnell, Bilder in schwarz-weiß zu bearbeiten. Vielleicht liegt es an dem grauen Stein, der die Bilder ohnehin monochrom wirken läßt.

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  1. I agree. The buildings look spectacular in B&W. I saw one exception: the building with all the blooming dripping plants spilling out of their window containers to the ground. Even the cat looks majestic in B&W. For some reason the grey of all the stone is overwhelmed by all the blooming greenery.