Saturday, February 12, 2011

Languages when you travel

I always loved languages. Maybe that is why I love to travel? Or the other way around?

Akureyri, Iceland, 2008

Anyways: Going to Iceland put me to the task of knowing something about Icelandic. Well, I do not say to know Icelandic but at least to know something about it.

Icelanders are great about languages. We hardly met anyone who did not speak several languages. Mostly English is a given and spoken very well. German is not unfrequent. The other Scandinavian languages are common, as well - but do not help us very much, honestly. Other languages did sound here and there. But that does not put me any closer to Icelandic, does it?

Spiekeroog, Germany

I did venture into learning some basic lingual background. The spelling and pronounciation alone keeps me involved. Some vocabulary is drifting through my mind. But honestly: I never got far. It really is difficult and I really do lack the time.
But with another journey coming up I have looked around again where to get some input. At least enough to be able to decifer a bit more every time I read, see or hear something. It also makes it easier to remember place names or spell them later (but I am not perfect, don't think it is all correct here!)

Now that I want to brush up again and add to my repertoire I came across livemocha. I just found it the other day. And it seems great.

Malmö, Sweden, 2010

They have a wide selection of languages to learn and they are for free, for the basic and advanced classes that seems to be. Premium accounts are offered for money and so on. But for my little brushing up and rising in confidence the free version is just enough or maybe too much.


Here you find the sight with all those yummy languages... I am really tempted to try not only one... at least for some sign of interest.... oh, well... life is too short... but I always wanted to learn Spanish, really. And maybe...

Here is the sight:


St Peter, Germany

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