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Water is everywhere - Part 2

Water is everywhere in Iceland. I lately wrote a little guest blog for the page There I wrote about one of the most important elements in Iceland: Water. Here is the full article - Part 2:

(Part 1 I posted yesterday)

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I know, water in Iceland can be an obsessive topic. And I am not even through telling you about the swimmable parts of it. I don't want to say that this is the most Icelandic place to swim, but I guess as a tourist you will just have to give the Blue Lagoon a try. 

Outer Part of the Blue Lagoon

Turquois, milky waters, natural lava surroundings and then, once you are in it, you realize that you are supposed to slap the sediments into your face, just the ones from the buckets though. Let them dry on and feel half your age, at most, when you leave. Just, please, don't be as dumb as me when I went there for the first time. I got the sediment into my hair. Well, "got" is euphemistic. I rubbed it in because I missunderstood a tour book description. My hair felt like a guniea pig's fur for a day or so. USE the conditioner they offer. Use a lot. And everything is wonderful.

Blue Lagoon Keflavík

If you take some more time to travel Iceland - and you should - maybe you get to Mývatn. Make sure to visit the Mývatn Nature Bath. The color looks close to the one of the Blue Lagoon and it is in a natural lava setting. But this is about where the connection ends. Mývatn provides a more natural setting even and is no salt water. The active ingredients are great for you, but they are all different. The Mývatn bath is - in my eyes - the greater place. Phantastic view, great setting, a loungy time guaranteed. Check it out, tell me all about your experience, or better: Tell everybody else!

Myvatn Nature Bath

Well, you think I got through the water topic now, right? Well, I am glad to say: No, I didn't. THIS was only about the water you swim in. Not even about all of that. But you know?

I will just tell you about all the water things at another time.
Water goes any direction. Down, yes, like everywhere, but Iceland has such an array of waterfalls of all types, that you will always be stunned by the next. And they do not even all go downwards - at least not all the time or all the way. And then there are geysirs, of course. And there are glaciers and snowcaps, the ocean, fumaroles, and water, water and water. 

Sheep in Reykjadalur

So, when I do the math: Iceland is a lot, but it's nothing without the water.

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