Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Square Burgers

We were taking the long road. Again. We have a tendency to overdue the walking thing in Reykjavík. We stay at the campground in Laugardal and then we want to take the bus. But we always pick a time it doesn't run or has just left, so we start walking. And then we walk to downtown. And we curse because we have done it again.

But the good thing? We came by the Hamborgarafabrikkan. And we stopped in for dinner.

Their burgers are square. And they are delicious.

You just can't miss the place if you like burgers.

They have a fun feature. There is a counter on the wall, that shows how many Icelanders there are. When we got there it read 320069.

While we had dinner, they made an announcement and changed the number to the most recent one plus one.

They use the counter for fun and it truely was fun watching them change it.

This is the building it is in. You can't miss it.

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