Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Holy Grail!

The forrest of King Arthur, the knights of the round table, the holy grail, and so on. Merlin's grave.
Sorry if I sound disrespectful. 

I basically know about these people and storys. But I am no fan and don't know details. When traveling through Brittany, though, we came by Paimpont and decided to check out the area.

Well, we noticed the beautiful woodland and cool landscape, yes. Then we came to Paimpont. And saw, that there was not much to see. For lack of options we entered a souvenir shop and looked around. Untill we noticed that for the rest of the day we would smell like patchouli and other incense.

The entire main road was lined with shops that smelled this way.

That is way out of my comfort zone and so we made a bee line out the gates, into the car (not my car in the picture) and off through the woods.

That was that. Paimpont does not have to expect us back, I guess.

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