Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fruit Images

For my regular photo challenge I lately had the topic of "fruit". I chose to go in the direction of dark and moody. Here is my contest image of this round.

I found this beauty in a Turkish supermarket in town, polished it up with a soft cloth and set it onto a stool ontop of a black slate platter. Then I buildt a snoot for one of my studio flashes by making a tube out of black cardboard. That is my main light from the right hand side that causes highlight and shadow on the apple.

I then set a softbox with a constant light to the camera left. I pulled two strings of cloth around the softbox, forming an X over it like a window with cross beams. That light is responsible for the catchlight on the left of the apple.

I had the black studio background pulled down and covering the floor so that there would not be light reflected around the room and that gave me the black background.

I had this image in my head, got my stuff together and made it happen. This is how I like my projects to flow. 

The leaf, by the way, I stole from an apple tree in our garden and placed it where I wanted it.

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