Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Swans in spring

We seem to have a much larger amount of whooper swans travel trough our area than I can remember in the past.

These two here were sharing a field with several others. I liked their parallel behaviour and used them as my favorite models.

This is yet another photo from last Saturdays afternoon out.

After the most grey winter in 70 years as statistics say, I hardly got outdoors for photography. So we went out - just for 3 hours - by car and set ourselves the goal of good photos of at least 5 different birds. Well, we met our goal, went past it and kept going. This was shere success and a great start for the outdoor season.

The weather was not brilliant, as you can tell, but there was no percipitation and there was sun out. Let's just keep calling it a great day.


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