Saturday, February 2, 2013

Harrison in the Snow

I don't know if you follow Come To Life 2013 - but I wish you did.

We present our project at least on Sundays, every week of this year. But we also do all these inbetween posts that you should check out.

Last sunday, Harrison was struggeling through some pretty deep snow - happy about his new leather jacket.

Who is Harrison? What's about his leather jacket? What snow? If you ask any of these questions, you are not up to date. So go, check out the project! Now! I mean it, no joke.

But if you can answer all these questions, you may still not know anything about his hike through the snow, or do you? 

Here is one more photo, yet, of that walk - brought to you by Come To Life 2013!

Oh, and tomorrow morning at 8 a.m., European Central Time, we go on with another weekly post of all 7 characters.

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