Friday, March 30, 2012

Long Way around the Fjord in Isafjördur

In summer of 2008 we came to Isafjördur in the Icelandic Westfjords for the first time. We were lingering in the airport after landing and were checking on our bags, reconsolidating the backpacks and adjusting to differnet - nice - weather. To sum it up: It took us a bit to get out of the building. 

We were looking around for the bus stop. Well, there was no bus line. There is a fly bus service that is fabulous and always there. It is, right after the flight gets there. We missed it. So we walked all the way to the town. Mean thing: The town is right across the water, as you have seen in a bunch of my other Isafjördur postings. But there is a fjord inbetween. We were conscious of the distance. But it was managable.

On all following trips to Isafjördur we made sure to catch the bus and were always fine with it.

For a photo from midair (taken from a plane) take a look here:
The airport is on the right, the town on the left. The penisula is the harbour area.

me hiking around the fjord

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