Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The stories along the way

When traveling you get to see a lot of stuff along the way. You lear about lots of things and you meet people.

But the thing that sticks in mind in the end are the stories along the way.

When hiking to the bird cliffs in Seydisfjördur in the Icelandic East Fjords last summer, we started out from the last house in the fjord, that is also a café and information center. Since we only hiked for a little while we were not intending to stay there for any length of time. 

When we returned to our car, there was a man working outside on the terrasse and he greeted us from a distance.

Right after that his friendly dog was walking out from the house to check us out. We greeted the dog as well and continued to our car. 

Then, though, the sheep was walking out towards us, making itself known by some calls as well. We didn't ever see this kind of a thing from a sheep. 

But with a little hestitation it kept walking up to us untill it had really reached the car and was sniffing at the open drivers door.

This is the only guard sheep I ever met.

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