Monday, December 3, 2012

The horse fight

When we got closer to this field, I saw two horses rearing up at each other and fighting. Maybe it wasn't a final fight but just a test of power but it looked inpressive, nonetheless.

The situation I got to figure out was as follows:

The double colored stallion ruled the herd. But the two dark brown males were challenging him. What astonished me was that they were teaming up against him and bundeling their powers. But they were also controlling and guarding each other in a way I had not wittnessed before.

The stallion however was very sure of his position and was only making it clear to the herde who's place it was.

Their day will come, one day.

But can anyone out there explain THIS pose of the two? The old stallion was to the left of the photo, just out of the frame. What is that second one thinking, shielding the situation?


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