Monday, February 6, 2012


In NYC this winter I was just fascinated by the light on out first day in the city. We were lucky enough to hit town on a clear winter day right before New Year and the sun was just glaring. At lunch time when we were walking around between Grand Central station and Central Park, the light was flooding up the roads from the south and I took way too many photos.

This one came about when we were crossing a street on a crosswalk. I stopped in my tracks for just a second, grabed my shot and went the rest of the way. With 6 cabs coming up - yes, you can identify all 6 if you look close enough - I was not going to risk my neck any further.

The photo I entered into the photo contest that I take part in regularly, since my topic was "big city" and this bright, fun, popping and buzzing picture was screaming "really big city" to me right when I took it.

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