Saturday, February 25, 2012

Klara Harden is out and about

With Love From Madagascar

And the crowd funding page for the trip - as well as English video.

Have you guys seen Klara Harden? She made this wonderful video of hiking through Iceland on her own - Made in Iceland - and I really recommend it. I did link it here, as well. Now she - and another film maker - are out for another project. They want to cycle through Madagaskar - on a photo and filming trip made possible by crowd funding. Interested in making this happen? Curious on what this is? 

Of course if anyone wants to support this... that sounds great.

Check it out, check out the Iceland video as well. Its really fun to watch her / them do their work and show the passion. I am looking forward to this video project and will surely report about it once it is there.

Klara, have fun! Bring back great images!

Just for info: I "got to know" Klara because of here Iceland video I stumbled upon on the net. I did connect to her via facebook afterwards to tell her, what a great job she has done on transporting the feel of such a trip. Other than that I only follow what I find on the net - and I like it!

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