Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Volcano Expedition

Going to see the volcano in March we took a picture of the information sign. To show where every thing was located, I marked the main points of interest on the photo. Red for the erruption of Fimvörduháls, blue for the icy glacier that will later on - just short time after our trip there - will become "that volcano in Iceland" that stopped air trafic forever.

The green marker above these spots is where we parked to watch the erruption and took these pictures and videos. After the Eyjafjallajökull errupted that valley was not visible anymore but turned into the run off for the melt water.

click to enlarge, then you can actually read a lot of it!

On the drive to the volcano we saw the drastic demonstrations of accident risks.

valley of Thorsmörk
The valley into Thorsmörk was not drivable on the Throsmörk side but on the opposite side of the valley. On the map you can see where that is. This is the view towards the erruption from the valley side. The steam marks the lava flows.

Amazing view of Eyjafjallajökull from the valley side - when it was still a glacier and all calm.

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