Friday, July 8, 2011


Isafjordur, Westfjords, seen from above, or: - how and where we missed the bus

This is Isafjordur, the hot spot of the Icelandic Westfjords, seen from above.

Note the fjord layout: while the airport is on one side of the water, the town and harbour are on the other. Really close together, but still seperated by the water.

When arriving there first in 2008 we missed the bus from the airport. Well, there is no scheduled bus line but a little transporter that picks people up at the airport and takes them into the town. You can just take it, right. But you have to know not to linger around inside the airport, repacking the backpacks after picking up your lugage and you have to know that the bus only runs right when there is a flight.

Well, to make a short thing long, we did all the tings you should not do and faced a parkinglot with no bus anywhere near. Friendly people informed us, that the next bus would be going the next morning and that we could just walk or call the cab.

Well, we did walk. I will have to look up the picture of the road sign that said "Isafjordur 5 km". I swear you can see it grin at us.

After 5km you are cursing so many things you have in your pack, even if they are light ones and you did not bring many. But you start to question if you really needed food, a tent, a spoon, a sleepingbag...

Seeing this scene from above makes me remember this hike vividly.

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  1. Die Schilderung kann ich gut nachvollziehen. Wir mussten nach einem Fehler auf der Wanderung am Fuß des Monte Vettore vor der Kulisse der Monti Sibillini 14 (in Worten: vierzehn) Kilometer Landstraße laufen, gut, ohne Gepäck, trotzdem . . .