Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the glacier that is no more

The glacier that is no more...
we happend to be in Iceland in April 2010 when "the" volcano errupted and stalled European and American air travel.
While we were there we went to see the erruption, which then was the first, smaller erruption at Fimvörduháls. Videos and pictures of that erruption I have already posted in this blog. Search for "volcano" in the tags. It was expected then that a bigger erruption would follow and the general consent was, that the larger erruption would be the volcano to the east of Fimvörduháls.
The picture here shows the mountain to the west of Fimvörduháls (with the view southwards in this picture). The mountain is called Eyjafjalla and therefore the glacier is called Eyjafjallajökull. Well, you know the name, don't you? It turned out that the erruption to follow was that of Eyjafjallajökull and the main run of water that you got to see on all the news was that glacier tounge that you see in this picture, reaching down.

This picture, therefore, shows the last of the glaciers life in former form. It is not that the mountain disappeared, it just is that the glacier melted majorly and most likely will look different, now.

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