Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2 years of blogging

2 years of blogging... where did it get me?

I have roughly 37,000 views in 2 years. I would count this as a success.

I got my photography more published than before. I have a place to leave my thoughts about photography and I can span all the topics that I am working on.

I love blogging and I took the bait and went to a daily posting routine about one and a half years ago. I am eager to keep this up while I try not to let my blog get too uniform and too boring.

I am changing up the topics a bit here and there, from contest entries to trips. From landscape to street. To portrait. To city. To animal.

There are topics I do photograph - like weddings and babies or toddlers - that I do not publish and post for reasons of privacy. 

I love being a hobby photographer, so that I can chose my topics just as I like and that I can keep this blog nicely fresh and my interest in photography awake. I do not need to submit to selling or customer's wishes. Of course, taking photography as hobby, limits the time and money you can put into the photography itself, the gear and the traveling. 

The blog got me confident in showing my photography not just in limited circles but also for a wider audience. The pretty much world wide attention my posts got, was really overwhelming.

I now have a facebook page Trans Pond on Facebook and I do sell calendars of my pictures. This all keeps me going on the hobby and it keeps me getting better.
What would I wish for for the future?

I want to keep this up and running. I want to embark on new projects and topics. I want to learn more about all the details of the trade and all the styles I set my foot on.

I would like to keep entertaining you. I would like to keep the "one post a day" minimum up for the future - believe me: sometimes it's hard!
I would like to progress in photography. I would like to travel a lot and get to phantastic locations.

I would also like to hear what you are thinking. And I would like to receive comments to my posts a little more often.

For now I will post a long, long list of photos from the last few years. All across the pallet of topics. Check them out to enjoy.

Thanks for sharing the ride, here! It's been fun and we will keep going, allright?  



  1. hammergeile bilde, am besten gefällt mir dass mit der spiegelung , bild nr. 8.

    1. Danke! Das mit der Spiegelung ist Horizon Filed in Hamburg. Das war eine Ausstellung, in der im Dachbereich der Deichtorhallen eine spiegelnde Fläche hing, auf der man rumlaufen konnte. Die geriet in Schwingungen und alle versuchten, sie pendeln zu lassen.
      Darüber habe ich 2 oder 3 Blogartikel geschrieben. Moment mal: