Friday, May 6, 2011

Iceland from above

coming into Keflavík on an Iceland Air flight - March 2010

lava flows from a while ago

... ending right on the edge of the water


  1. These overhead shots are very revealing especially how barren Iceland is. It looks like it could be a penal colony from outer space! How did you do this? I see the fusillade yet the pic is taken from a vantage point of a skydiver! How do people live on this?

  2. Hi!
    These shots I took from our plane when we flew in. I love daytime flights because of it. These photos always need a little work on but then they just reveal awesome views.

    It actually does not look like this everywhere in Iceland, believe me. This is just part of it. Other areas are bright green and a lot of other colors. These lava fields down near Keflavík are very neat, though.