Monday, September 16, 2013

Cocktails are served

Here is an image that I created for the contest I regularly take part in. 

My topic was glass and I won my round.

This image consits of two glasses stacked ontop of eachother to prevent shadow and create a subtle reflection. There is Aperol inside the glass, and slice of lime on the side. The flash is directed to the background - dark grey paper - and is covered off to the side of the glass to not create reflections. The fall off of light is due to the curved paper I used for flagging.

The lime was still very unattractive in the general one-light setup. We took a LED flashlight with 7 small points of light and directed it onto the lime from the back. The LED were somewhat blue and we used a strongly green flash gel.

The setup was therefore a two light setup: flash and flash light, one neutral, one gelled.

I liked the simple setup and liked the cleanliness of the shot. Of course that went along with a lot of glass polishing beforehand.

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