Thursday, July 7, 2016

Portrait - Section

I have been taking a time out. I did not plan it. It just happend, due to a multitude of reasons. But it did happen.

After posting daily for so long, I didn't post in quite a while, now.

I have, today, entered a new section, though. So things have not died down. It was just a break.

The new section is "Portraits" - as this is something I have been pursuing for quite some time now. Most images I take I will not publish since I honor people's privacy. That does not say, however, that I do not have images I can share.


This is where you can find those images from now on.

And I promise: I will post pictures on the blog again, now, too.

Thanks for hanging in there and still coming to see the blog. My stats have been rising steadily.


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